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Premier chimney and Roofing specializes in chimney, fireplace, and roof repairs. We specialize in repairing and restoring existing fireplaces and chimneys. We bring them up to current codes so they can be safe to use. We also make them weather proof to fix existing leaks and prevent future leaks. We do chimney relines, smoke chamber repairs, damper repair, damper replacement, refractory panel replacement, masonry repairs, crown repairs, fireplace repointing, fireplace rebuilding, exterior masonry repair, chase covers, caps, and full weatherproofing.

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Chimney Reline

fireplace liner

A chimney relining is needed when the existing chimney lining is cracked,  severely deteriorated, or has gaps. When one or more of these conditions exist in a chimney lining it must be corrected before continuing use of the fireplace or connected appliance.

In this case the chimney must be relined with a UL approved chimney relining system that has been tested and approved to the UL 1777 standard. We only install UL approved stainless steel liner systems that come with a manufacturers lifetime warranty and lifetime labor warranty.

The stainless steel is fully insulated with either UL approved foil backed insulation wrap, or UL approved pour in chimney insulation. The light weight pour in insulation is cost effective, safe, and has mortar like properties that strengthen the chimney structure. After a chimney is relined by Premier Chimney and Roofing it will be safe to use and more structurally sound.

Tuckpointing and Restoration


In most cases a masonry chimney can be repaired by tuckpointing or repointing the mortar between the bricks. This is done by grinding out the old mortar with a power tool and laying fresh mortar in its place to repair the bond between the bricks.

In cases where repointing is not sufficient to repair a masonry chimney then the chimney must be rebuilt. This is done by taking the chimney apart brick by brick down to where the mortar bonding the bricks together is still strong. Then rebuilding the chimney from this area up.

Refractory Panels

refractory panels

Refractory panels are installed along the walls and floor of prefabricated fireplaces. They are often cracked or damaged over time. They need to be replaced periodically when they become cracked or damaged.

We will remove the existing panels. Cut new panels to the exact shape and size of the original factory panels. Then install them as they were intended to be straight from the fireplace manufacturer.

Damper Replacement and Repair

fireplace dampers

The damper opens and closes the fireplace flue. If the damper does not open properly smoke will come back into the room and is very dangerous. If the damper does not close properly there will likely be a noticeable draft that will spike your energy bill. If the damper isn't functioning properly it is important to replace or repair it because a damper malfunction can cost thousands of dollars in smoke damage and be a hazard to the occupants.

If your damper is not damaged and works fine, but you still feel a draft you can replace it with these energy efficient top dampers. They have much more efficient seals and operate much easier than traditional cast iron or steel dampers.

Top sealing dampers come with lifetime manufacturers warranty and lifetime labor warranty.

Crown Repair

crown repair

The chimney crown flashes water out to the sides of the chimney. When the crown cracks it allows water to enter the chimney which can deteriorate the chimney from the inside out. The chimney crown can either be resurfaced with a rubberized mortar preserve which comes with a 20 year manufacturers warranty and a 5 year labor warranty. In the most severe cases the crown must be rebuilt. A rebuild only carries a 5 year labor warranty.

Fireplace Repair

fireplace repair

The firebox is the visible area where the logs go, and is what most people refer to as the fireplace. It is important to understand that the fireplace is only a portion of the entire chimney system. There are many functional areas throughout the entire chimney system that must work properly in order for the fireplace to perform properly, and enjoy the use of your fireplace.

When the fireplace does not function properly and smoke pours back into the house it is usually another area within the chimney system that is not working. The flue passage could be blocked. The damper could be malfunctioning, the flue could be undersized, the wind could be causing a back draft, the smoke chamber could be corbelled, or there could just be a blockage in the flue passage. When the fireplace isn't working properly don't panic because the fix could be very simple. An inspection will identify problems and recommend remedies.

In many cases the fireplace may vent perfectly fine, but still need repair. In these cases there is likely visible damage due to age, water entry, or excessive use.

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