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Chimney Sweep

Our Certified Chimney Sweeps

Our Certified Chimney Sweeps in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads 7 cities are highly skilled chimney cleaners and inspectors. Certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America as Certified Chimney Sweeps. Also, Certified Inspectors by the Fireplace Investigation Research and Education.

Our chimney cleaners have extensive field experience and a vast knowledge of fireplace and chimney systems as they relate to the Residential Building Codes and the NFPA 211 national standards. These certifications prove a deep understanding and working knowledge of these codes and national standards

The Chimney Sweep

A chimney sweep is performed primarily to remove the dangerous creosote buildup which is highly flammable. The creosote build up creates a fire hazard, and must be removed regularly to safely operate the fireplace. The creosote is basically unspent fuel.

Additionally, the chimney sweep allows any defects in the fireplace and chimney system to be exposed for evaluation. In a masonry fireplace the fireplace damper must be removed to gain the appropriate amount of access to the smoke chamber for a thorough cleaning and inspection. If your sweep doesn't remove the damper then the cleaning and inspection is not being done properly.

We always use drop cloths and protect the work area while performing a chimney cleaning. We take extra precaution with drop cloths, tarps, gloves, booties, and a high powered vaccum with specialized filters to control dust.

Our Promise

We will never enter your house without shoe protection. We will always use tarps and drop cloths to protect the work area. We will never smoke at or around your property. We will never use profanity at any time during your service appointment. We will always be polite, courteous, and professional to you, your family members, and neighbors. We will always pay close attention to detail, and provide the highest quality chimney cleaning and inspection.

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