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Chimney Caps

Chimney Caps

All of our chimney caps are stainless steel and come with a lifetime warranty. We install standard single flue chimney caps, and we install multi flue chimney caps if you have more than one flue in your chimney. We also install round prefab chimney caps, and prefab chimney caps with wind shields for common wind related draft problems. We install custom copper caps, and various clay pots as well if your home has historic characteristics.

Chase Covers

chase covers

Our chase covers are constructed of heavy gauge steel in stainless steel or galvanized steel options. Every chase cover comes with cross breaks or bends in the metal from each corner to the center hole. This raises the center slightly higher than the edges to prevent standing water from gathering. This also makes the chase cover top more ridged so the center doesn't sag over time. The corners are welded and sealed at the seems for long lasting strength. We measure each chase cover to fit your chimney perfectly. If there is any rotten or damaged wood we will notify the customer and replace as needed.

If the chase cover or cap is only lightly rusted it can be salvaged. This is referred to as resurfacing. This is done by wire brushing or sanding down the rusted areas to smooth them out and prep the surface. Then the entire cap or cover is coated with a cold galvanized compound which is specifically formulated for cold galvanized steel. Then the chase cover or cap is painted to match the house color scheme with professional grade Rust-Oleum paint to give it a tough rust resistant finish

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